It's time to stand out!

Todays internet is not the same bytes of baud from the 90's, so why do some companies and orginizations feel that their websites should still appear that way?

Our focus is in creating cutting edge, stand out from the crowd websites that not only inform your users, but also awes them.

It's time for a webolution!


Car City of Danbury

Dynamic mulit-level PHP & AJAX based retail frontend, powered by a 43 table MySQL database.

This website features custom scripts for uploading upto 40 pictures of each vehicle, advanced XML implemation to show vehicle specifics; such as miles per gallon, horsepower, torque, curb weight and over 40 other vehicle specific items, a password protected admin only area which controls the "front-end," VIN decoding, 7 different user submited forms, advanced AJAX vehicle "filtering," and all wrapped up into a very user friendly design.

We are constantly told from Charlie (@ Car City) that his customers rave about his site, which is what we strive for!

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Floral Designs by Nancy

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Attorney Advertising

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Social Club

jQuery "2 Websites in 1" design.

This website features custom jQuery script for switching from their resturant to their lounge, each with specific navigation items, content and images.

Features a Google Calanger implemented via jQuery to allow on the fly updates, a Picasa Web Gallery photo slideshow for easy updates and seamless "1 page design."

Definitely one of our more famous designs!

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Car City of Danbury (Mobile)

Dynamic mulit-level PHP & AJAX based retail frontend, powered by a 43 table MySQL database.

Features most of the same features of's website, in a scaled down version specifically designed to fit most modern mobile browers.

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Georgia Custom Interior

This is one of my very first "for pay" sites. Very outdated now, but still worth putting up.

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Super Science Enrichment

Dynamic mulit-level PHP, AJAX and jQuery childrens supper class program.

Features a 100% customizable front end based on admin settings from a password protected "admin area."

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About Illism

Illism Webolution is the digital think tank of Brad Guy, an experienced self-taught developer who builds websites to scale and to meet usability, accessibility, and web standards. From brochure sites to fully developed ecommerce websites, his emphasis is in creating websites that perform at the highest levels.

Over the last decade, Brad has had a hand in building over 200 websites and web applications. He has created numerous PHP ecommerce websites, optimized existing websites for increased sales, and removed existing security holes.

Brad continually moves forward, gaining experience and expertise in one web technology and then tackling the next. As well as the core components of contemporary web development - HTML, XHTML, CSS, and PHP - Brad's skillset includes several other web disciplines. He is experienced in Object Oriented and Procedural PHP programming, MySQL and SQL, JavaScript for the Prototype and libraries, SOAP, XML, JSON, and APIs. As new technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and mobile web development evolve you can be sure he will be at the forefront of those technologies continuing to move the Web forward.

Areas of Expertise


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